I was brought to life with a twin companion, a pretty ginger hair which looked more like my foreign cousin than my actual twin sister. Over the years I was fascinated by the world of psychology and philosophy- as you can never get away from your ancestors in this life but I have  an international spirit which I often name myself a United Colors of me person in every sense: emotions, scenary, perception, styling… And this obsession of investigation, which most of the times looks more like a diary of an organised polychromatic persona that loves collaborations, organises projects and always has an optimistic spirit for every issue that arises,  lead me practising in the Art world. By creating interiors, styling spaces, making art installations or setting editorials for magazines. Along with Arts I admit I am a social butterfly, I like art galleries, events and I I often undertake media work and collaborate with important brands and networking. I guess this is where it sums up all of me!