Tom Dixon→ TOMorrow Influencer

‘YESTERDAY was distressing, TODAY is unknown. TOMORROW is because we also need to be positive about what we do next’ There is a lot of tense and self isolation lately that is a very wise thought of sharing or taking inspiration from great people such as artists, designers, philosophers, scientists, saints, mainly influencers that with their life story or work gave a great example to mankind. We will start with Tom Dixon, and English master of his own. A true pioneer that has played around with all materials and forms in order to create interesting and inspiring designs for us. For him it all started by accident and thanks God for us he has experimented and worked hard to establish himself and his designs and made our homes and projects prettier than nobody else. One thing that characterizes Tom Dixon is the variety in materials, forms, textures and patterns that he is using along with the process and the manufacture of the production. He is balancing with harmony and utility at the same time, searching from the new and learning from the old. Using metalwork to stoneware or perfumery. Experimenting with techniques and materials. Tom Dixon brand founded in 2002, with Tom’s very first pendant lights, the famous Mirror Ball and Copper Shade, then designing furniture like the Slab and later on the Wingback Chairs. Designing a number of home accessories, from living objects to stationery , from decorative objects to scents and textiles. Bump Vases, Eclectic Candles, Spin Candelabra, Etch Tealight Holders, Tank Copper Glasses, Form Teapot, Elements Diffusers, Rock Candleholders and so many other recognizable products of him. His innovative designs are characterized for their sculptural qualities and engineered materiality. Along with his design products he has created hubs and restaurants in both London, Milan, New York, Hong Kong and other major cities around the globe. A genuine designer that blends all materials and ideas in that have no expiring date. This is all for him for yesterday and today’s reality . For tomorrow Tom wants us to breathe in, use our hands, eat healthily, make more effort as a community and share our latest ideas in order to improve the spaces around us and be positive for Tomorrow. Cause after all, we all need to prepare for Tomorrow.